Friday, November 6, 2009

Holidays in a Hurry

So, we've been in this lovely month of November for exactly 6 days now. And already there are Christmas commercials on TV, fake Christmas trees in malls and store displays, and not to mention it's as cold as the North Pole. I'm the absolute biggest fan of Christmas I know, but I usually don't like starting the festivities until....perhaps after Thanksgiving...(crazy thought, right?).

The only thing I allow myself to do this early is check out the Gift Guides in my favorite magazines to help me trigger ideas of items I might add to my list. (I get double the goodies because my birthday is 10 days before Jesus'.)

One magazine in particular is doing something extra this year. Glamour has not one, not two, not three...but FOUR different cover selections for their December issue. It is to celebrate their "Women of the Year" feature. The women on these covers are Rihanna, Amy Poehler, Serena Williams, Maria Shriver, and First Lady, Michelle Obama.
Click here to see the covers up close.

However, since people have decided to start bringing Christmas around earlier every year, I decided to start looking for my birthday/Christmas presents. Ya know. Just in case.

For those who know me and pay attention to me at all, they know that I LOOOVE jewelry with animals on it. I don't know what it is about it (although I am quite the animal lover.) This item though, is the very first thing on my list.

It's by Obey and it's called "The Eye of the Tiger." It's dipped in 18K gold and is only $26. Chic and cheap. Gotta love it.

But my advice to everyone. Try to hold off on getting the Christmas stuff out at least until Thanksgiving. Trust me. This way you won't take it for granted

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