Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!


Michelle said...

Hey babe,
would like your advice on a dress. It's my mom's old dress. My dad got it for her from Italy more than 15 years ago. Tagged: Immagine, Made in Italy.

It's really nice when worn. But I was thinking of altering the length of the sleeve and hem. Would I be taking away the "vintage-ness" away from it?

Michelle, Singapore

Amanda Frechette said...

Hey Michelle,
Blogger is not allowing me to access your page but I saw the dress and I really like it. Depending on how tall you are I don't think it needs hemming. From the picture it looks like it falls above the knee which is flattering on almost everyone. I feel like it would be great with gold jewelry and probably better worn in the spring and summer. Enjoy!