Friday, April 25, 2008

Baby It's Warm Outside


It's nearing the end of April and we are FINALLY experiencing some warm weather here in NY!

We're finally able to pull out more skirts, tank tops, and sandals and enjoy the sun!

My only reservation about exposing my skin right now is the fact that I am so pale!!! I give casper a run for his money.

This is why so many men and women focus on tanning when this time of year rolls around. Truth be told, a lot of people look better, and even healthier when they are tan. That is, unless you over do it.
Personally, I don't obsess about becoming tan. I know I'm never going to look like a native from Jamaica or something. But I do understand the obsession. Tan skin can be very attractive...but sometimes the trying to achieve the attractive part..isn't so pretty.

Take me for instant. Since I am so white still, I am very likely to burn without wearing the protection of sun block. If you could see my arms right now, you would have a version of a redish "farmer's tan" styled burn, with a slight burn on my shoulders. This is only from 2 consecutive days out in the sun for a total of 4 hours combined. And that really isn't a lot of time.

When I was younger, I wouldn't have minded that I was burned. In fact, I would probably continue laying out, because that burn will eventually turn into a tan. But today, I am wiser about the effects that the sun's harmful UV rays have on my skin. So from now on, I am going to carry a tiny bottle of sunscrean with me.

Let's face it, skin cancer is not in style.

These harsh effects on our skin are the reason, among many others, why people have turned to artificial tanning supplies, or "fake and bake" if you will.

This is very tricky. If done properly, you will end up with a beautiful glow giving the illusion that you are beach goddess. Most of the time, however, people end up with streaks, splotches, or, the worst: looking orange.

In my opinion, the best way to avoid these results is one of two options. Either go to a professional spray tan salon or, what I turn to, buy a bottle of moisturizer that gradually gives you skin some color. I personally use Jergens, but basically all lotion brands have come out with something like this.
Another good option is misting spray of self tanner, such as Neutrogena. It helps you apply the tanner evenly across your body and is streak and mess free!!

In conclusion, if you don't "fake it" and choose to lay out and tan, please wear sunscrean. I promise, you will still get color.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

You've Nailed It!

Spring has many trends..always has..always will.

Now I love the gladiator inspired sandals and breaking my favorite flirty skirts out of the drawer where they have been hibernating all winter. But what is the first thing you think of when you are transferring from winter to spring?

That's right...time to whip out that color!!!

Now you normally think of wearing color on your shirt or in your accessories, like your shoes or your purse...but this spring, there's a new way of jazzing up your outfit with just a splash of color(literally).

This spring, neon nail polish is all the rage (I can't believe actually just used that thing you know I'll be saying "As if!")

I was a little apprehensive about trying this trend on for size, since I am a nail biter and was getting comfortable with the trendy black nail polish from fall/winter. But I took a chance...AND I LOVE IT!

Not only is it feminine, but it's bold and quirky and most of all, fun!!! So far I have done blue, hot pink, and currently I am sporting bright orange.

The key is to make sure these colors aren't translucent. This way the color really pops!!

So even if you are afraid to completely indulge yourself in color from head to toe this season, just have a taste of it on your nails! The best part: if you don't like how it looks, just take it off with nail polish remover and try a new shade!!


Monday, April 14, 2008


What is wrong with the image above? (Besides the fact you can almost see the girl's entire butt).

Don't know? Let me help you out.

Notice the short short short denim skirt. Seeing an article such as this usually indicates an image of warm weather, correct? Even the setting of the photo indicates spring/summer weather. Ok?

Now, notice the choice of footwear. Those would be none other than a pair of UGGs. For those who don't know (or have been living under a rock for the past 5 years), UGGs are a sheepskin boot that has become popular within the last half-decade or so. Sheepskin is incredibly comfortable and warm. Yea...warm. Do you see where I am going with this?

I understand that as spring is starting to take shape around us, the temperature is rising, yet still isn't exactly summer time heat. I get it. I also get the battle in which you endure everyday when it comes to deciding what to wear during this weather-confusing time of year. I struggle, myself.

But why...WHY...must girls keep repeating this monstrosity of a "look". It makes you not only LOOK confused, but you also look a bit insane. It makes people think, "so it's warm enough to wear a teenie tiny mini denim skirt, but your feet are going to be INCREDIBLY COLD?!??!" Not exactly the look I'm sure most girls are going for.

I get that UGGs are a HUGE trend. I, myself, own a pair and love them. But for crying out loud, wear them with pants!! Tuck them, untuck them, whatever!! They don't belong beneath anything that exposes your leg.

Why, you may ask? It's easy. Ladies, what are men, especially, always obsessing over as the temperature rises about our bodies, other than bathing suit season? LEG EXPOSURE. Now think about it some more: wearing short skirts during warm weather is definitely a do for many girls. And yes they make your legs usually look wonderful, but why would you pair this leg flattering look with something that hits you at the WIDEST part of your knee?! Also, the way that the boot cuts your exposed leg into a section makes your legs look stumpy! You want to elongate your legs.

I would personally suggest a cute pair of open toe heels or a trendy flats, but even flip flops are a better choice than UGGs.

Final thought: Short Skirts + UGGs = Stumpy Legs and Makes You Look Somewhat Crazy. Keep the UGGs ready for fall and winter, and you're all set.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Shoes can only make you so happy

I haven't written in here in a few days. I'm sorry about that.

This morning, my best friend's boyfriend died. And it is in times like these when you realize how trivial some things are in your life.

I will be the first to admit that I can sometimes be a brat when it comes to not getting what I want. I'm only human, just like I'm sure I'm not the only one who turns to material items sometimes when I'm upset.

I'm also that girl who puts on all her make up everyday, puts on a cute and trendy outfit, and finishes off the look with stilettos or some sort of cute shoes. FOR CLASS.

But today, when I received the horrible news, I didn't turn to my shoe rack to get my heels, or the cute outfit I had laid out the night before that took me a while to decide on. No. I turned to my T-shirt drawer, threw on a pair of jeans, and grabbed the flats off of my floor.

I took the hair tie that was around my wrist and threw my hair into a low, messy ponytail and ran out the door with my bare face.

As much as I love fashion, at the end of the day, it's not the most important thing in the world. It's the industry I want to become a part of, don't get me wrong, but when that day comes, when you feel like your time is running out, I'm not going to be thinking about that handbag I didn't get, I will be thinking about the people I love.

There's nothing wrong with retail therapy...but when it comes down to it, I know there are more important things to cry over than a pair of designer heels that aren't in my size.

RIP- Anthony