Saturday, April 19, 2008

You've Nailed It!

Spring has many trends..always has..always will.

Now I love the gladiator inspired sandals and breaking my favorite flirty skirts out of the drawer where they have been hibernating all winter. But what is the first thing you think of when you are transferring from winter to spring?

That's right...time to whip out that color!!!

Now you normally think of wearing color on your shirt or in your accessories, like your shoes or your purse...but this spring, there's a new way of jazzing up your outfit with just a splash of color(literally).

This spring, neon nail polish is all the rage (I can't believe actually just used that thing you know I'll be saying "As if!")

I was a little apprehensive about trying this trend on for size, since I am a nail biter and was getting comfortable with the trendy black nail polish from fall/winter. But I took a chance...AND I LOVE IT!

Not only is it feminine, but it's bold and quirky and most of all, fun!!! So far I have done blue, hot pink, and currently I am sporting bright orange.

The key is to make sure these colors aren't translucent. This way the color really pops!!

So even if you are afraid to completely indulge yourself in color from head to toe this season, just have a taste of it on your nails! The best part: if you don't like how it looks, just take it off with nail polish remover and try a new shade!!


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