Thursday, June 26, 2008

Opportunities Present Themselves

So..while I am still awaiting the news from the people at W, new opportunities for an internship arose.

I decided to google things such as "magazine internships" and "fashion internships"...and low and behold I stumbled upon I've been searching for an internship for the past few months, so my questions is:

Why the hell hadn't I found this website sooner?

I mean, it's great! It has positions for assistants, writers, photographers...and lowly interns.

In my awe I found two great internships to apply for. Lauren Finney from Cosmopolitan is looking for an intern for the fall. Cosmo was the first fashion magazine I was exposed to. Now I read it religiously.

Then I found a post about a Lucky editor looking for interns...for this summer. Even though it wasn't exactly what I was looking for, I took the editor's contact and asked if she was interested for a fall intern.

So I'm feeling pretty good that maybe a publication will pick me up this fall. Let's hope!!

Monday, June 16, 2008


So..I have to say..I'm loving these spring/summer trends... comment about my last post for a moment:

I am getting sick of stars on clothing! I think accessories are cute...and are great if you have one piece on...but i mean we have an ENTIRE section in Charlotte Russe dedicated to this trend... for crying out's becoming over kill....

but obviously..that's just my opinion.

Any who, like I was saying...most of the s/s 2008 trends are great. One I have really embraced are strappy footwear. I know you are thinking "'s summer...strappies are always in....", but I'm talking about of the rising favorites: the gladiator sandal.

It is a tricky look to pull off. I feel that you need a shoe that has this bold look of a warrior but also has a feminine flair such as color or sparkle or a heal, because the gladiator can look too masculine sometimes.

I personally am in love with the shoe above. It's the Nine West Sulliban (comes in black or tan). It's not as gladiatorish as some of Nine West's other shoes...but the hunk of leather and buckles...yum! And I'm DYING to get it.

And trust me...I'll get it. ;-)
Whatever your opinion, this trend has caught on around the country. I see many girls sporting this style of footwear, and quite frankly...I think it's a success.

Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm Seeing Stars

Again...sorry for the lack of updating....working working working..

No word about whether I got the internship or not, but Garrett said that he is still interviewing so that's good news!! Keep your fingers crossed!!

However, I have been able to distract myself from my anxiousness by getting some great spring/summer shopping in. (Granted...I always matter what my mood).

I've found that I have been drawn to the spring/summer accessories more so than the clothing. I mean, I have a ton of skirts, tanks, dresses, etc. But what really makes spring/summer staples like those so interchangeable is the trendy accessories that come out each season.

Since I am a college student, obviously I don't buy high end items....but to me, style doesn't matter on how much you pay for your's how you put things together and pull them off. Anyway, I mention this because I have been finding some great summer accessories at Express clothing stores. I got a gorgeous pink, black, and gold faux snakeskin clutch and an adorable charm bracelet. (Not to mention an ADORABLE pair of blue Marc Fisher pumps for over 50% off...but I digres,.)

But I have to say, the trend I have noticed to stand out the most (okay, besides the neon) is all of the stars! At Charlotte Russe, not only do we have tops with stars on them, but we also have skirts and leggings! Also, we have been getting a lot of star necklaces and earrings.

Yesterday, at Express, I found an AMAZING star necklace that reminds me of a smaller (and obviously less expensive) version of YSL's star necklace in the picture above. Normally, I am opposed to buying things that could be considered a copy of a designer's work....but honestly...I couldn't resist!

I don't know if the stars are becoming popular because of the summer time and all of the patriotic holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July, or what. But I think it is a very cute trend and I'm excited to experiment with it!