Monday, June 27, 2011

Rachel Zoe Report 2012

In her second collection for her namesakes label, Rachel Zoe shows us structured yet feminine pieces with a seventies feel. Bright colors, amazing silhouettes, and sky-high heels make this Resort collection to DIE for.

Here are some of my favs:

For the entire collection go to

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Brights

Summer Brights

Alice Olivia long summer skirt
$484 -

Summer sandals
€130 -

Jeffrey Campbell high heels
$150 -

Zara high heels
$100 -

Marc by marc jacobs tote
$400 -

Kate spade handbag
$229 -

Miss Selfridge bangle bracelet
£10 -

Feather earrings
£4 -

Bieber's "Someday" Perfume a Marc Jacobs "Lola" Knockoff?

The teen obsession that is Justin Bieber went to a whole new level with the debut of his own perfume line, "Someday." I mean, normally I would just ignore the fact that yet another celebrity is making a fragrance line, but something sucked me in.

The first thing I noticed was how much the perfume bottle resembled the Marc Jacobs' perfume, "Lola."

Although Marc Jacobs isn't suing (he tweeted about the resemblance: “We don’t mind. We’re Beliebers.”) it really irritates me. What, being a teen idol isn't enough for him? He has to copy people with actual talent? I wish celebs would keep to their acting and/or singing and leave the fashion to the experts.

Resort 2012 Favorites

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SNEAK PEAK of the fourth season of The Rachel Zoe Project

It's finally here!

I cannot wait. The new season premieres August 2 at 10pm. And talk about all the topics of the new season: Rachel's pregnancy, no Brad, newbies, etc! Counting down the days!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Trend du Jour: Hot for Hats

Summer Hats

It seems to go without saying that hats are an essential part of summer style. Whether to keep the sun out of your face or to throw for your second day of not shampooing, hats make summer a whole lot cooler.

Juicy couture hat
$78 -

Jane Norman woven hat
£7 -

Brixton tan hat
£45 -

Lacoste summer hat
$120 -

Wide brim hat
$95 -

Brixton summer hat
£40 -

Summer sun hat
£15 -

Madewell summer sun hat
$38 -

Eugenia Kim summer beach hat
$198 -

Anya Hindmarch wide brim hat
$201 -

Kokin raffia hat
£290 -

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Marc Jacobs Fragrance...Oh, Lola!

I have quite the fragrance collection, myself. And as a lover of fragrances I have come acquainted (no...wait....infatuated) with a few of the many Marc Jacobs parfums: Daisy and Lola to name a few.

Well meet their "sweeter and sensual" sister, Oh, Lola!

This fragrance is still topped with the ever popular flower, however is housed in a lighter pink bottle. Just like her sisters, Oh, Lola! will come in three sizes and also come in a body wash. The scent is a mixture of peony, vanilla, pear, sandalwood, magnolia, and tonka bean.

Take a look at the fragrance's ad campaign featuring young starlet (and growing fashion icon), Dakota Fanning.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Trend du Jour: Go Wild With Ethnic Prints

Ethnic Prints

Anna Sui summer maxi dress
620 EUR -

Bcbg max azria dress
329 EUR -

T shirt
44 EUR -

FAIR true ruched skirt
39 GBP -

Marc by Marc Jacobs blue skirt
148 GBP -

ALDO wedge high heels
$125 -

Zara leather sandals
$90 -

Leather high heels
$910 -

Yves Saint Laurent wood bracelet
$998 -

Vanessa Mooney bangle bracelet
$250 -

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TOMS "One for One" Eyewear Collection

To say that TOMS shoes are the latest thing would be an understatement.

They are one of the most sought after footwear on the market. People live to buy TOMS.

After years of providing their basic yet functional canvas shoes, TOMS has come up with a new way to help children all over the time with his notorious "One for One" campaign. Today the founder and CEO of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie, announced the new TOMS eyewear collection.

The $135 per pair sunglass line was made in Italy and comes in three basic styles: Classic 101 (like a Wayfarer), Classic 201 (a large and round model), and Classic 303 (like an aviotor). These all come in an array of colors and sport the trademark TOMS logo.

But instead of giving a pair of sunglasses for every pair sold, the money will directly help the visual health of a person in a developing country with the help of the Seva Foundation. According to Mycoskie,

"Sight is a fundamental need. The loss of sight has a dramatic impact on a person's life -- and on his or her family and community. We're so excited to help more people in need and for TOMS to give in a whole new way."

The shades are on sale now at Take a look at this video to learn more about the TOMS journey towards vision:

Monday, June 6, 2011

Nail Obsession

I don't know what it is about summer, but since the temperature has been heating up I have been becoming obsessed with the hue of paint I put on my hands and toes. My sudden interest in colors must have something to do with the fact that in the colder months, I usually stick to the dark shades of black, maroon, and grey.

But I have stashed away my dark shades of nail polish and have ventured to the brighter side of the spectrum. Take a look at the polishes I am loving!
This is something that is blowing up in salons everywhere. You start off with a base coat of whatever shade you please. Then you layer a thin coat of the crackle nail polish on top (I chose Sally Hansen's Snow Blast white.) As this top layer dries, it naturally starts to crack giving you a fun polish design that everyone will love.

Brights are a given. Usually I tend to lean toward the neon pinks, however I felt as though they were played out, so I decided to try something new. Orange, bright blues, green, and yellow are a fun pop of color that can sometimes be unexpected. You will always have a taste of summer on the tips of your toes and fingers!

And finally we have metallics. Metallics are a fresh way to experiment with your manicure and pedicure. Silver pops, almost like a white polish. I also enjoy light golds and bronzes, however any metallic with a mixture of an inky blue are fun too.