Friday, June 10, 2011

New Marc Jacobs Fragrance...Oh, Lola!

I have quite the fragrance collection, myself. And as a lover of fragrances I have come acquainted (no...wait....infatuated) with a few of the many Marc Jacobs parfums: Daisy and Lola to name a few.

Well meet their "sweeter and sensual" sister, Oh, Lola!

This fragrance is still topped with the ever popular flower, however is housed in a lighter pink bottle. Just like her sisters, Oh, Lola! will come in three sizes and also come in a body wash. The scent is a mixture of peony, vanilla, pear, sandalwood, magnolia, and tonka bean.

Take a look at the fragrance's ad campaign featuring young starlet (and growing fashion icon), Dakota Fanning.

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