Sunday, November 29, 2009

Belated Holiday Greetings!

Hey everyone!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I didn't bring my laptop home with me this weekend so here is my belated greeting:
So cute right??

Anyways, I had a great Thanksgiving, and I definitely ate too much! (Gunna try to slim down before Christmas and my birthday...just a few pounds at least!).

And what is the best part of Thanksgiving, with the exception of the food of course?: Black Friday!
I woke up at 3 am on Friday after sleeping over my best friend Caly's house. We dragged ourselves out of bed and threw clothes on. We then got coffee from Dunkin Donuts and headed to Kohls. Now keep this in mind: I had only a list of people to buy for. I had no idea what I was getting them.

We got to Kohl's around 3:50am and we headed toward the building, noting the huge line going down the parking lot. People started yelling at us and others who weren't getting in line. We didn't want to walk all the way to the end of the line just to walk up to the building again, but we also didn't want to cut everyone (we're not bitches lol). So we waited until the entire line went into the building when it opened then went in.
Boy was it a mad house in there.
Caly needed some specific stuff so we went looking for that and I found some stuff on the way. I ran into some people from high school and middle school which was nice but also a little embarrassing because I looked like hell with no make up and crappy hair. (People, you have to was 4
After our rendezvous at Kohls we went across the street to the mall. The line from target went all the way down one side of the mall and started to loop back again. While we waited for it to open, (and for the line to die down), we killed time in Sears and Macy's. We then went into Target and got a few items, then we made our way to American Eagle and finally ended with Victoria's Secret. We ended our shopping day at 8 am. I went back home and slept until noon.
It was by far the shortest shopping day on Black Friday ever. But hey, we're in a recession.

I hope everyone who braved Black Friday behaved themselves and had fun. People lose track that this is about Christmas and Christmas isn't about getting your child the perfect toy. For those of you who enjoy it for sport, like we do, hats off. It can get brutal.

Love <3

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Irina won....yuck.
Why did they allow that bitch to win? Yes hers was the most cohesive, but anyone's would be if they used entirely one color and stuck a bunch of matching hats on everyone's head.

I never pick the winner....not once....
Maybe I just like nice people haha.

Whatevs. Congrats I guess.

Next season starts January 14th!!! Season 7 here we come!!!

Glove Love Baby!!

As the degrees continue to drop outside, the layers continue to pile on! Keep your hands warm with these adorable (and affordable!) gloves. Not only do they have an important function, they add an extra splash of life to your outfit, either giving it a touch of elegance or a bit of edge.

Clockwise from the bottom left: Mango Rock Gloves, $46; Studded Fingerless Leather Gloves, $30; Leather Stud Scoop Gloves, $30; Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves, $19; ASOS Colored Bow Detail Gloves, $27; Deep V Kid Leather Glove, $27; Leather Ruched Gloves, $34; Red Frill Cuff Leather Gloves, $34; Model: ASOS Leather Studded Gloves, $33

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anna Sighting!!!


Today I had my first ever Anna Wintour sighting at my internship at Conde Nast.

My boss, Kofi, asked me to go to the messenger center, which is in the lobby, to drop something off and pick something up. So I went down there, not being the first time I have ever had to do this, dropped off a package, picked up a package, etc. etc. When I got on the elevator to return to the office, I pressed the number 6 (for Lucky's floor) and waited as other people entered the elevator.

All of a sudden the elevator directly across from mine opened and out walked Anna. She stepped out, stopped, and then (I kid you not) looked directly at me. I am curious to know what my face looked like because I literally gasped. I made eye contact with her! (Which I read in her biography Front Row, you are not suppose to do that...oh well.) She wasn't even wearing her sunglasses. It happened so quickly, but what I do remember is that she was wearing a green tweed jacket and I remember thinking, "Oh my god. That bob is flawless."

Then, as quickly as she appeared, she strutted off to whatever fabulous destination she was headed to. I regained my composure (hopefully) while still retaining a huge grin on my face. I feel like this experience didn't have the same effect on the other passengers of my elevator as it did on me. I immediately text and called everyone I knew. My boyfriend even thought it was cool, but thought that I was gushing a bit too much. I had to explain to him: this woman is a fashion ICON. No no no, a LEGEND.

Ah. It had been a good day already, but once that happened it was the best one I have had at my internship to date.I was afraid I would never catch a glimpse of her. But I can die a little happier now that I have. Jk.....kind of....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Get Anna for Christmas!

You all need to put this on your Christmas list. I know I did.

Pre-order your copy of The September Issue by clicking here. Now I can have a little slice of Anna within my own home (without watching The Devil Wears Prada...)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Smooth Moove Bazaar.....

So I almost missed the newest issue of Harper's Bazaar. (I could I, right?) You see, it seemed camouflaged with all the gossip rags and tabloids, because low and behold...who's on the cover? The Twilight costars and lovers, Kristen Stuart and Robert Pattinson.
Now it's no secret that this magazine hasn't been doing well in the shaky industry of fashion publications. So, at first glance, I was like "you've got to be f**king kidding me," (because I for one am sick of seeing their faces on....well...EVERYTHING) but then I thought about it for a hot sec. I realized that this was a brilliant and strategic move. What better way to get your publications sold? They will be off the stands before you can say "New Moon." Smart thinking, Glenda.

Another plus: nowhere on the cover does it say "Fabulous At Every Age", let alone being the main headline. I think Bazaar finally got the hint that they were beating a dead horse. It's definitely a breath of fresh air.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Beauty Definitely Has Its Limits

I was watching one of my favorite childhood movies "Fluke" when a scene involving cosmetic testing on animals. A light ball went off in my head. I was aware about fur, leathers, suede, etc. and how I am totally against it. But what about animal testing? Isn't it just as bad, if not worse?

I did my research and I have decided to change all of my products to animal friendly products. I suggest everyone does the same. Below are a list of some but not all of the animal friendly cosmetics. Trust me there are a lot:

Kate Spade
Kiss My Face
Victoria's Secret
Bath and Body Works
La Mer
Bobbi Brown
Liz Claiborne
The Body Shop
Botanical Skin Works
Mary Kay
But's Bees
ONE Group
e.l.f. cosmetics
Estee Lauder

Again, there are a ton of other products. Visit sites like and mymakeupmirror. Or just Google it! Get informed! Animals have rights too.
Not so pretty right?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Holidays in a Hurry

So, we've been in this lovely month of November for exactly 6 days now. And already there are Christmas commercials on TV, fake Christmas trees in malls and store displays, and not to mention it's as cold as the North Pole. I'm the absolute biggest fan of Christmas I know, but I usually don't like starting the festivities until....perhaps after Thanksgiving...(crazy thought, right?).

The only thing I allow myself to do this early is check out the Gift Guides in my favorite magazines to help me trigger ideas of items I might add to my list. (I get double the goodies because my birthday is 10 days before Jesus'.)

One magazine in particular is doing something extra this year. Glamour has not one, not two, not three...but FOUR different cover selections for their December issue. It is to celebrate their "Women of the Year" feature. The women on these covers are Rihanna, Amy Poehler, Serena Williams, Maria Shriver, and First Lady, Michelle Obama.
Click here to see the covers up close.

However, since people have decided to start bringing Christmas around earlier every year, I decided to start looking for my birthday/Christmas presents. Ya know. Just in case.

For those who know me and pay attention to me at all, they know that I LOOOVE jewelry with animals on it. I don't know what it is about it (although I am quite the animal lover.) This item though, is the very first thing on my list.

It's by Obey and it's called "The Eye of the Tiger." It's dipped in 18K gold and is only $26. Chic and cheap. Gotta love it.

But my advice to everyone. Try to hold off on getting the Christmas stuff out at least until Thanksgiving. Trust me. This way you won't take it for granted