Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anna Sighting!!!


Today I had my first ever Anna Wintour sighting at my internship at Conde Nast.

My boss, Kofi, asked me to go to the messenger center, which is in the lobby, to drop something off and pick something up. So I went down there, not being the first time I have ever had to do this, dropped off a package, picked up a package, etc. etc. When I got on the elevator to return to the office, I pressed the number 6 (for Lucky's floor) and waited as other people entered the elevator.

All of a sudden the elevator directly across from mine opened and out walked Anna. She stepped out, stopped, and then (I kid you not) looked directly at me. I am curious to know what my face looked like because I literally gasped. I made eye contact with her! (Which I read in her biography Front Row, you are not suppose to do that...oh well.) She wasn't even wearing her sunglasses. It happened so quickly, but what I do remember is that she was wearing a green tweed jacket and I remember thinking, "Oh my god. That bob is flawless."

Then, as quickly as she appeared, she strutted off to whatever fabulous destination she was headed to. I regained my composure (hopefully) while still retaining a huge grin on my face. I feel like this experience didn't have the same effect on the other passengers of my elevator as it did on me. I immediately text and called everyone I knew. My boyfriend even thought it was cool, but thought that I was gushing a bit too much. I had to explain to him: this woman is a fashion ICON. No no no, a LEGEND.

Ah. It had been a good day already, but once that happened it was the best one I have had at my internship to date.I was afraid I would never catch a glimpse of her. But I can die a little happier now that I have. Jk.....kind of....

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Anonymous said...

i am so jealous... like not even joking ...