Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Underwhelmed By Whitney Eve Designs

After watching the episode of the City tonight, I decided to check Whitney Port's twitter page, just to see what she had to say. I guess she just started recently advertising her clothing line's website on there. Being new to this, I decided to check it out.

What I found wasn't all that pretty.

This looks very cheap and poorly made, and quite frankly is too short. I don't think this would flatter anyone.
Hunny, this looks like something 14 year olds will be wearing to their High School's homecoming. Again, it looks cheap. I feel like I could find this at Mandee's or something.

And what are with these sweatpants? They are not only random but the way they are being portrayed reminds me of the ads for the Bad Girl's Club apparel where they are all topless.

Now I will give the girl some credit. There were a couple of decent outfits. However, I am concerned about the quality. Although the prices of her clothing range from $60-$400, I feel that clothing may be questionable when it comes to the caliber of taste.

You be the judge. Visit www.whitneyeve.com

Nothing personal Whit. I love you to pieces, regardless.

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