Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Giddy Up!

It's getting closer! Halloween is in 4 days!! Are you still having trouble with costume ideas? Well here's one that almost anyone can do easily. If you don't have these pieces in your closet already, borrow from a friend, or purchase these items! (They are either from Forever 21 or Wet Seal so they are extremely affordable!)
1. Deep V Plaid Top, $11 Forever21.com; 2. Lacquered and Polished Bangle Set, $4.80 Forever21.com; 3. Tassel Filigree Pendent Necklace, $6.80 Forever21.com; 4. Fray Hem Destroyed Denim Mini Skirt, $10 wetseal.com; 5. Cowboy Boots, $45 wetseal.com; 6. Scalloped Swing Earrings, $4.80 Forever21.com; 7. Feather Trim Cowgirl Hat, $11 Forever21.com

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