Thursday, August 13, 2009

Perez....Enough Is Enough

I'm over it. Seriously I am.

On Twitter today, I saw that Perez Hilton launched his own fashion blog called CocoPerez (normally I would supply a link to the website, but I refuse on this one). 

I also then saw a complaint on Fashionista from a disgruntled fan about this new site because it seems as though Perez steels all of his headlines from Fashionista and Jezebel and WWD. Not only that, the fan states that Perez spells Gaultier, "Gautier".

And if that weren't bad enough, he used the name "Coco" for his blog. Like wtf? If he is trying to compare himself to Coco Chanel I am going to barf.

I'm sorry I am coming off a little harsh, but I get annoyed as it is with his insistent bashing of other people. And now, here he comes and walks in on my territory? I don't think so.

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