Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not So Much

I don't know if I'm in a bad mood from the weather today or something, but this is my second negative post in a row.

I went and got my Marie Claire issue today and was very much disappointed when I saw the cover above. I love the Olsen Twins and their fearless fashion styles. However, Ashley looks like she just finished shooting up. Her hair looks great, but from that point down, all is lost on me.

The top would  be okay on someone who has a little bit more of a chest. I feel like she should have been in something, I don't know, more flattering to her small frame. Also, I hate the fact that it looks like her straps are falling down. That shirt combined with the drugged out looking make up looks as though Ashley is about to be checked into an insane asylum. 

Maybe I just became too use to the September cover she did for Marie Claire 2 years ago (below), for I have a huuuuge poster of it on my wall. I mean, it's probably a hard picture to live up to. 

It's ok Ash. Here's hoping for the September cover in 2011.

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