Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kitson LA and Seven Jeans Join People's Lib at la Russe

In addition to People's Liberation, Charlotte Russe has also added Kitson LA and Seven Jeans apparel to their stores.  We got the Seven Jeans in our store about a week ago and we are almost sold out. They are roughly $40 each, and I'm tempted to try them out. We haven't received the Kitson LA jeans yet, but we were told tonight at a meeting that they are going to be different than any other jean on the market.

I am definitely impressed with the direction that our store is going. Some people are annoyed that such reputable brands are going to be sold at such a "cheap" store. However, fashion is for everyone, not just the wealthy. Everyone should be able to feel glamorous. I use to think that Forever 21 was more fashion forward than Charlotte, but I now realize that Forever 21 they are better at doing knock offs (which I am usually not a fan of) whereas Charlotte is teaming up with credible companies. 

Neither of these brands are available on the Charlotte Russe website yet, but People's Liberation is. To visit their website, click here.

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