Saturday, July 25, 2009

Charlotte's Liberation

If you haven't heard by now, Charlotte Russe has a new line of clothing that is causing a lot of stir. People's Liberation is the name, and rocker chic is their game. (Ok that was cheesy, I know). 

When I was at work and saw this new line I was flabbergasted by the price of the jeans. Their jeans range from $95-$105. This is Charlotte Russe....our most expensive jeans were $40, that being the highest priced item in the store. I know our target market, and I knew they weren't going to like these prices, so my first reaction to this line wasn't positive. But the jeans were the only items that I felt were overpriced.

Above are the two items that I am the most in love with. The dress to the right is only $37.99 and the jacket to the right is $59.99. That may seem a little steep to our customers, but with my 40% employee discount, it's definitely doable for me. 

For the entire People's Liberation for Charlotte Russe line, visit their website.

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J.L. said...

Hi Amanda! I came across your blog after doing searching for internship interview information. I'm wondering what you brought to your interviews? Was a portfolio necessary?

If you could give any pointers, I would love to hear more! Thanks so much, and great blog!!