Monday, July 20, 2009

I Know It's called Ralph LAUREN...but...

So I was just checking my Twitter and something grabbed my eye...and NOT in a good way.

According to, Lauren Conrad got a shoe named after her. Alright, I think I could deal with that...if it were a shoe from, like, Bakers or something...

But it's by Polo Ralph Lauren. 
It's called "the Polo Ralph Lauren Conrad Sneaker". 

So why a sneaker? Granted I'm sure the girl does wear sneakers once in a while, but we always see her in heels or cute sandals. She's a California girl for crying out loud. And to make it worse, it's a high top. I could see her wearing Ked-like sneakers, but not high tops (nothing against them!).

Ok, so supposedly Ralph didn't mean to name the shoe after her, but I don't get that. How do you NOT know who she is? Whether you agree with her fame or not she's known to pretty much everyone. And why is she getting a shoe named after her at all? She has her own clothing line (a couple now, in facet) so she doesn't need to attach her name to anymore apparel. 

I love the idea of LC. But to me, I will never take her fashion seriously, especially since a girl I interned with told me that while at a PR firm she previously interned at, they sent clothing to the Hills cast in California....and she's a designer??

But I digress...

Ralph, is there anyway you can change the name?? Just asking. 

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