Monday, March 10, 2008

Walking down a gorgeous avenue...and my Nine Wests are killing me..

Yesterday, I went into the city in order to go to the MET. I had to write a paper on a painting there. I was underwhelmed to say the least (Hey...I love the city...but Sundays are suppose to be a day of rest). I had been to the MET before and had enjoyed it so I guess there could have been worss things to do.

My friend George and I took the 4 train from Bowling Green to 86th and Lexington. Hardly visting the upper east side, I was still a little confused on which way to go to get to the museum. Using our instincts,we just walked....

And if there is any place to wander, it is on the upper east side. First off, it has a completely different look than downtown Manhattan. It felt so open, and I just couldn't help but to gawk at the beautiful buildings (and trees! Oh my God real trees!). I kept saying to George "I wanna live here! I wanna live here!"

Yeah...I better get a VERY well paying job in my near future if I ever want a chance at living anywhere remotely near Park Ave.

Oh, and does everyone on Park Avenue own a dog? I swear every 10 seconds another person walked by with their medium to little size dog. I definitely did not object, for I am a huge dog lover, but I felt as though it were part of the requirements to living on this block.

Of course, when you get to the upper east side, you are bound to see some gorgeous fashions.

Besides the buildings and the dogs, that was what caught my attention the most. It was as if we crossed some sort of fashion border, leaving the crazy/expressionist/wannabes of downtown (no offense! I love it all!) and entering the land of the lavish fashion forward gurus.

Basically, everyone I walked by I was thinking "Oooh I like those boots. I want them!" or "Wow I would have never thought to wear that skirt with that blazer! That's so cool!"

I know people who live in these areas tend to have a lot of money (duh) which is a main contribution to their fabulous fashion. But come on, there has to be more than money to inspire this amazing phenomenon. Just look at celebrities who are on the worst dressed list all of the time! Money doesn't necessarily mean you dress well!!!

And then it hit me as we approached the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Gathered on the numerous amounts of steps were swarms of people. (Sorry...just a little blurb, but when I saw all those people, it immediately made me think of Gossip Girl when they're all sitting on the steps, determining who was the "Queen Bee"). I digress.

Anyway, I looked around this crowd and realized, that most of the people were very well dressed, if not chic! That's when it all made sense. Art. The upper east side is a very artistic and inspiring place (not taking away from other areas of Manhattan...they are inspiring too!). But the buildings are so astonishing because of their beautiful structure and architecture, and dogs (come on you have to face it) are a rising form of accessory or self expression (I mean there hundreds of breads of dogs, so why'd you choose that one?). Even the literal inspiration of art at the MET. It's all about art and self expression, and admiring beautiful things. This, to me, explained why there was such a large population of wonderfully dressed people. It's beyond money. It's taste!

And me? I felt like I looked good( not to toot my own horn or anything). But all that walking in my Nine West pumps, gave me blisters. But that's just how I express myself!!

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