Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Need A Little Spring in My Step

This weekend, while shopping in Soho, I bought a really cute pair of green pointed toe faux snakeskin pumps and a pair of orange and cork wedges . This really got me longing for the warmer weather...

But nope. Here I am in New York City, with the high of 5o degrees, still wearing my wool trench and cashmere scarf.

How can you not be excited for spring, though? The spring trends, especially the accessories, are bold and bright (a nice relief from all the black I tend to wear in the winter...though black is always good).

I love what I have been seeing all the fashion magazines, especially the colorful snakeskin purses and shoes.

As I am sitting here, freezing in my chair at my internship, I can't help but day dream about when the weather will get warmer. Break out the white sunglasses (maybe even get a new pair) and start wearing my floral dresses!! Nothing is more feminine than spring time!

Spring time is also the time to be more daring. Try out those colors or patterns that you were too afraid to try before. It won't hurt anyone. You never know how these looks will work unless you try them on! (Though I always suggest second opinions, just in case!)

So go on, be daring! I know that I am ready to try out orange. I use to always hate orange, but there are different shades that perhaps may be more flattering on me than I thought. If not, no love lost!

Also, yellow can give me some difficulties because I'm blonde. Unfortunately I can't go for the banana yellow, but perhaps mustard or a chamomile may suite me better. We'll see!

Spring is all about blossoming (literally and figuratively) and new beginings, so try out new things. Go bolder,brighter, and...if you dare...louder! Go out shopping for your brights and your florals to prepare yourself for spring because even though it doesn't feel like it right now...spring will be here sooner than you think!!

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