Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Does Where You Go to School Effect How You Dress?

Currently, I am on spring break, today being my last day in North Carolina. I am staying at my boyfriend, Dave's apartment on campus at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW). Even though I am still at a school, I have had a considerably nice break from my local scene at Wagner College.

Not only is the campus more than seven times larger than my campus, there are four times as many places to eat and...well....they have outdoor swimming pools. Plus they are all soooo skinny!!! (Dave says it's on the account that they have the pressure to look good for the beach...more so than in NYC).

Although they may be skinnier...(those jerks) one can still hold a flame to NYC style. Ok, ok...I know it is a college campus and that I am one of few who wear high heels to class (unlike at UNCW where only the freshman get dressed up)...but still! Girls at my school tend to have a more street chic look going on compared to the UNCW girls who have the beach/surfer girl look down. Also, they seem to have the more commercial/what's big in the stores at the mall thing going on...(then again, they don't have Sak's 5th Ave or Soho!!)

But I'm not saying that this style is bad! It actually makes perfect sense! I mean, why would someone be walking down 42nd Street wearing a strapless dress with a bikini underneath and flip flops. Talk about a fish out of water!!

Now I'm also not saying that there aren't girls who are wearing looks that are seen in Elle or Lucky, but they are just more scarce.

Even the men have their distinctive looks. Again, the men are riding around UNCW's campus on skateboards and bikes, wearing cargo shorts, Hollister T-shirts,sandals, and puka necklaces, whereas a lot of the men at my school, being the second leading theater school in the country, wear tight skinny jeans, tight T-shirts, Converse, and the occasional murse (man purse). It's either that or at the other end of the spectrum of the super jocks (Wagner logo athletic gear). Really, there is no middle ground.

This makes me think about where I grew up, Connecticut, and if I were to have gone to school there, would I have dressed more "New Englandy"? Think of Harvard, Yale, UMass, and UConn...the latter of the two being more of the stereotypical colleges with their sweatpants to class look...but they also have that Lacoste, Ralph Lauren Polo, North Face (sorry Matt!) look going on.

But honestly, I don't think think that it would have completely changed my style if I went to school in Connecticut...but I don't think it would be as enhanced if I didn't have the inspiration of the many styles that consist in New York City fashion.

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