Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Excited for the Finale!!

Tonight is the night!!

Season four of Project Runway has its season finale tonight!!

Personally, I am rooting for Rami because I thought he was completely talented from the moment I saw him. This is the first time since the series began that the person I picked from the get-go is in the finale!!

Now, I know people are annoyed with Rami because all he does is drape, drape, drape, drape, drape, DRAPE! But hey, those 3 pieces he showed against Chris were phenomenal! (Although, I liked the idea of Chris' use of human hair. I feel that it makes a statement against animal fur, in a twisted way. Not that I would EVER wear it, though.) Rami's pieces were so contemporary and I could see them already being a huge success for the fall. The colors, the structures, the cuts...EVERYTHING was perfect!!

As much as I want Rami to win, I feel that all three contenders are extremely talented, and for once would not be completely disappointed if my choice didn't win. Tune in to see tonight at 10 on Bravo!!!

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