Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Break: Two Climates....What to Wear...

Yes, yes...It is that wonderful time of year again known as Spring Break.

Starting tomorrow I am free from any thoughts of school, homework, papers, and the dreaded waking up at 8 am to go to classes for an entire week!!

My dilemma however is this: Half of my break I am visiting my boyfriend, Dave, in southern North Carolina, where they are experiencing spring/summer weather already (lucky them). The other half of my vacation consists of me going back home to Connecticut, where they are still mostly experiencing winter, just like here in NYC. And it all comes down to this: what and how do I pack?!

I mean it's not as easy as it sounds. You have to think about EVERYTING. What if it snows while I'm in Connecticut? What if it is 80 degrees one day in NC? What if, god forbid, I go to the beach (with my not so ready beach body)?!
I started packing last night...(I do everything early). And it really was a lot of hard work. I probably spent about an accumulative hour and a half trying to figure out how to do this. I started off with a simple pair of shorts and a cute top. Then I packed flip flops because of course those are easy. But then it got trickier: how many pairs of jeans? Working at Levi's has given me ample selection in jeans, so that was not the problem. It was which ones, how many, and again, not being as easy as it seems, what tops and shoes to pack with it. Plus, there is the stress of checking you baggage and the limitation of 50 lbs per bag you check! I mean, don't they understand that I have a battle of the climates?!?! You can't wear the same shoes you wear to the beach (such as my new orange wedges) while going out with friends in Connecticut! (I'd freeze my toes off).
I feel the key is to pack a lot of basics that can go either way--like T-shirts and jeans.

So far, as far as clothes go, I have: a pair of white shorts, a short denim skirt, a pair of light gray carpi's (knee length), a sundress, a fancy dress (my boy is taking me out <3),>
Now for shoes (and I do have to say I'm proud of my selections, for I didn't go overboard): silver flip flops, black open toe pumps, brown t-strap heals, orange wedges, black flats, black knee high heel leather boots, brown knee high heel boots, gray mid-calf flat boots, and I'll be wearing tomorrow on my flight a pair of silver peep-toe pumps.

It sounds like a lot, but it all fit in two medium size suitcases (each weighing less than 25lbs I can bring back souvenirs ;-) )

I might throw in a few more things tonight...but I think I'm pretty much good. Oh, what about my tan wedges!!! Ugh...we'll see..

All in all...I give myself a little pat on the back...:-)

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