Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Royalty Influences McQueen: Fall 2008 Collection From Paris Fashion Week

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February, 29, 2008, Alexander McQueen showed his fall 2008 collection in Paris. The collection consisted of 42 pieces broken up into three different sections.

The first section of the show was an array of black and white attire. From a-line dresses, to high waisted leather pants each look was individual but cohesive. There were correlations of different fabrics including leather, chiffon, lace, and knits. Themes from fall 2007 arose with different twists, including high waists, volume, one shoulder dresses, opaque tights, and Greek inspired flowing dresses.

New concepts that were displayed were asymmetrical hemlines, decorative collars, and double breasted jackets. Reoccurring elements in the collection were zippers, for fitting garments, bows, fringe, frills, and leather. The feel of this first section was rock royalty meets street chic meets black tie event with their pale skin and wide, frizzy, bride of Frankenstein like hair.

The second section had a smoky feel, with blacks, grays, and white. It wouldn’t be a fall/winter collection without plaids, which occurred in this section of the collection. This section had an easy transition from the first section because the leather carried through on the girl’s pants and shoes along with the continuing reoccurrence of volume in the sleeves and skirt.

Wool trench coats with large plaid stripes gave a familiar sight, but the structure was a little different than one is use to. It appeared thinner and less heavy than the typical trench, giving the illusion of a longer length. This section is also where we saw a lot of knits. There was a repeat concept of the sweater dress, but it also had a twist on a popular spring trend: geometric shapes. McQueen took these shapes and softened them by using knit and by sticking to the black, grays, and white. He took these sweaters and layered them on top of wide chiffon dresses. Fur was repeated from last year, but a new concept was McQueen’s nature inspired details including, snow flake and elm tree embroidery on his dresses.

The third and final section of McQueen’s collection is where you final see some color. These colors were very representational of the previous fall, consisting of mostly jewel tones, but by pairing them with gold and white, gave these garments a royal feel. The models hair styles finally change, pulled up in tight ponytails or buns. On top of this were beautiful silver and gold jewel encrusted headdresses. This gave the section a Empyreal, Egyptian, Indian royalty concept.

The trims on these garments were fluffy and white. Gold accents outlined each colors, making it stand out. There were also origami shapes in a few of the dresses and tops. Even though it sounds and even appears as though there is a lot, if not too much, going on, there is a sense of simplicity to teach outfit. Every model that came out, you would wonder where she was from and where was she going in this extravagant outfit.

Velvet came back this season after a moments rest last fall. Cape-like shrugs and asymmetrical feather dresses in bright hues suggested an evolution from the previous fall. Cuts on sleeves were experimented with.

The final piece completely finished not only the third section, but the entire collection. The bright ruby cape-like coat, gold jewelry, and white dress was the perfect final note for Alexander McQueen to hit.

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