Sunday, January 3, 2010

Because they need more fashion reality shows....

We all love her sarcastic and sometimes harsh words she barks on The City. I guess Bravo loved them so much that they gave her her own TV show.

That's right. Kelly Cutrone will be followed in a documentary-like reality show called Kell on Earth (The name is ridiculous of course). Viewers will watch as Cutrone juggles running the ever rising PR company, People's Revolution, Fashion Week in both NY and London, and being a single mother to her daughter, Ava.

Granted, Kelly's brutally honest banter is always entertaining, I am kind of shocked that she agreed to do this. It smells a little like selling out to me. But hey, it's where the money is now a day, right? Question is: will this make her appearances on The City less frequent or even nonexistent?

Unfortunately, I think I will be sucked in when the show airs February 1st at 10pm, just like I did with Launch My Line. (I swore I wasn't going to watch it, but somehow I find myself unable to resist. At least Kelly is more interesting than any of the people on that show.) Oh well. This should be interesting.

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