Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rachel Zoe "Dies" For Fashion

Harper's Bazaar has to be one of my top favorite fashion magazines (besides their insistent obsession with "fabulous at every age"). So, I was pleased to see my favorite celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe, in a spread in the September issue.

The article was called "I Die" and depicted the question, what if Rachel actually died from fashion?

In this five page spread, Rachel is paired with designers Brian Atwood, Mac Jacobs, Vera Wang, Francisco Costa, and Michael Kors, who are all in the process of killing. Whether it's death by shoe stabbing or electrocution by hair dryer, the girl looks chic.

I just hope we get to see some behind the scenes footage on the RZP. Until then, here's a video I found with Rachel talking about the shoot. Enjoy! xx

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