Friday, July 16, 2010

Spring/Summer Trends Du Jour: Dare To Do Denim

Although everyone's minds are already on the fall/resort collections, I'm thinking "what's the rush?" I mean, it just started feeling like summer a month ago.

One of the biggest trends that can easily translate from summer to fall is denim. From denim shorts and vests, to jeggings and jackets, to accessories! Denim is a classic way to look chic. You just have to do it right!
1. AE Denim Jacket- $18 2. Topshop Cut off- 30 GBP 3. Gap jeggings- $70 4. Forever 21 denim headband- $1.99 5. Denim shirt- $295 6. Dolce and Gabana denim shoe- $276 7. D&G denim purse- $1,203 8. Denim bracelet- $5.80

1 comment:

Mariam Hakim said...

Number 1 & 2 are my favourites :)