Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fun and Fabulous Purchases

So I went a little nuts today. For the first time in a while (and by a while I mean maybe 2 weeks) I went to Target. It was no mistake that I went on the day that Cynthia Vincent's shoe line came out in Target stores everywhere. I picked up this ADORABLE pair of wedges for a mere $29.99.
Prior to this find, I found an adorable floral dress ($21.99) and matching cardigan ($14.99).
As I though I was finishing up, I mistakenly went over to the DVD section where I saw that they had seasons 1 and 2 of The Rachel Zoe Project for a total of $29.99. I snached them up without a moment's notice. (I am currently reliving through season one, when they had the flood in the showroom, as we speak!)
After I divided and conquered Target I ran over to Barnes and Noble and picked up this month's W, in addition to UK's Harper's Bazaar and Elle. I also got 2 novels, a series about a girl trying to become famous as a model.
So today I racked up a pretty little bill. But I must say, it was a blast.

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