Saturday, September 12, 2009

Son of a Gun...

First off, why is this cover just a closeup of Janet's face? One of the things I love about Bazaar's covers are the outfits (duh). But lately, I feel like my favorite mag has gotten a little lazy.

Also, I understand that Michael Jackson had an untimely death and it truly was tragic (don't get me wrong), but is it really necessary to have this interview in a fashion magazine? Maybe I'm just being narrow minded.

One more thing, (and sorry for this rant), but is anyone else getting tired of "Fabulous at Every Age" and how it's basically Bazaar's only mantra? I mean, I get it, women age and we want to look good doing it, but seriously, does that have to be the focal point of the magazine? Can't it just be something like "Fabulous Every Day?" or something?!

Anyway, I am not a fan of the direction my fav magazine is going. I might have to reconsider....

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