Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's That Time of Year Again

Fashion week started yesterday. And needless to say, I'm bummed for missing out on the festivities. Again.

The other interns I work with have been to or worked numerous fashion shows. Honestly, I would love to do either!

So I'm going to be doing my best to post some stuff about the shows that go on this week, that I receive from other sites. (Since I can't use my own coverage).

Anyway. This week has been quite interesting. I was able to experience my first run through for a magazine. Nina was directing most of the run through, and I even got to meet Joanna, the editor-in-chief! Ok, let me make this clear so there is no confusion. I didn't exactly work on the run through, more that I observed from the other side of the closet. :-). How else am I going to learn? lol.

Oh, and btw, Nina IS as beautiful as she looks on TV. And she's so skinny! *sigh*.

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