Monday, September 15, 2008

Would You Wear This?

Or...better question...would you let your boyfriend wear this? Or if you saw a guy wearing this would you be interested?

I can only imagine that the unanimous decision is NO!

I mean a flowered shirt is questionable enough, but a blazer that looks like it came from my grandmother's bathroom walls? No thanks.

And of course Daughters by Obedient Sons chose the pale red-head to wear this horrible ensemble. Nice try, but he doesn't look French or chic...or whatever it is you were trying to pull off. He just looks like he's batting for the other team.

And the shorts: I get that they are called "shorts", but when men wear them..they should be more like "half way" in half way down their legs...or something. Anything above the knee, for me, is a no no.

But have no fear ladies. If your man decides one day that he wants to put on this frilly outfit, you have two choices: a) find a new man or b) get the matching she-male version (I call it she-male because it looks more masculine than the one the dude's wearing).

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