Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nina Garcia Comes Tuesday!!

My internship at Marie Claire has been pretty exciting and a lot of work so far.

But I feel as though the hardest work is yet to come.

As known throughout the entire fashion industry, Nina Garcia is going to be the fashion director of Marie Claire starting this month (September). And that means..starting Tuesday...her reign begins.

We've had a lot of work cut out for us in order to prepare for Nina's arrival. A LOT more than I can actually say. We've had to completely clean and organize the fashion closet, which consisted of returning more than half of the samples back to the designers. I even had to go in on Friday even though we were suppose to have it off for a long Labor Day weekend. I didn't really mind because I understand the importance of Nina's arrival.

I like the fact that I have to prove myself, in a way. It makes me even more determined than I already was. Also, I love the other interns I am working with. They are all very sweet and funny and nice. The only thing that's been rough is the long hours and the lack of food I seem to get throughout the days there. But that is pretty much to be expected.

Anyway, I will update about more of my experience at the magazine and most importantly..working with Nina.


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