Sunday, September 12, 2010

Styling Lenka

This past week, I spent 3 days in New York, freelance assisting for Priscilla Polley. This was the second time I had assisted her, the first time being for a photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly with Emma Stone.

This time it wasn't a publication shoot. We were to style Australian singer Lenka for her next album cover and some press shots. She is best known for her song "The Show," which was featured in many commercials.

This Aussie has a great sense of personal style. She knows what she does and doesn't like, yet is adventurous to try new things. I was sent around Soho and vintage shops to find apparel for the shoot.

On Wednesday, we had the fitting. Lenka pretty much liked everything, with only a few critiques in sizes. Thursday morning, I ran out and grabbed our last minute necessities and met up with the crew at a studio in the Bronx. The studio was beautiful and enormous. Lenka used roughly 10 outfits in the 9 hour day. They did shots of her eating ice cream, creating arts and crafts, playing with balloons, posing on the roof, and so much more. It was a really fun shoot, and Lenka and her crew were loads of laughs. I even had to smoke a cigarette in order to create a "smokey effect." Ah, the things we do for art.

I am eager to see what they choose for the cover and I'm dying to hear her music. During one of the shoots (the one where I was smoking, lol) she sang for us. Her voice was incredible. The whole experience was great!
Photo I took at the shoot

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