Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Entertainment Weekly.... Emma Stone

So today I went to assist Priscilla Polley at a photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly. The model of the day was the funny and beautiful actress, Emma Stone. I was more than excited to meet her, being a huge fan of her works, including Zombieland, Super Bad, and Ghost of Girlfriends Past. Not only was she as gorgeous in person, but she was quite the comic. She had me cracking up all day. And talk about down to Earth!

Anywho, (I'll stop being star struck), the clothing we ended up putting on this girl was fantastic, including, a bright orange dress by Stella McCartney (in which she was photographed on the white couch in our lounge). This girl was so chic and uber fun. I had a blast.

The issue of Entertainment Weekly hits stands July 12th!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I just saw Easy A and loved it. Emma Stone is my new girlcrush for sure! That's a gorgeous photo - do you happen to have a bigger version of it?