Thursday, April 16, 2009

TG for Free Samples

I was flipping through Allure (yes the May issue with the unfortunate picture of the lovely Lively) when I came across  the Clinique Even Better foundation. I was always particularly fond of this ad. I really thought that it was cute that they put erasers around the bottle because the foundation claims to "even and correct". 

Well, included in this ad was a free sample of the foundation in the Neutral shade. I instinctively tore it out and put it in my make up bag. I frequently receive free samples of beauty products (either from magazines or Sephora) however they usually just sit in my makeup bag untouched. So when I was putting on my makeup I eyed the Clinique sample. I decided to try it out. And the verdict...I love Love LOVE it!!!!

It's creamy, smooth, and it evens my skin tone!!!

I'm going to Sephora to get it tomorrow <333

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