Saturday, February 28, 2009

Reality...not so much...

So I caught my first glimpse of Running in Heels on
Now I would never EVER talk poorly about Marie Claire. I miss the internship there a lot. But this show is like a car crash...its horrible, but it is also hard to turn away.

First off, let me state for the record: NO INTERN COULD EVEEEEEEEEEEER AFFORD THAT APARTMENT! Real interns don't get paid, so how could they? Found it on the internet? More like the producers found it. 

Also, no intern would EVER be asked to go backstage at a fashion show DURING Fashion  Week to do an interview. Like are you joking? If an intern ever went backstage to a fashion show it would probably be to drop off or pick up some garment or shoes. This such a joke.

Reality television is not real at all. But will I watch this show? Yes...but only to try to find me and my friends in the background actually doing REAL INTERN WORK! 

Ok...I promise that's all the hating I will do on that show...I swear <3

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