Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Good Investment

I guess I have pretty bad luck when it comes to buying black boots for the fall/winter. 

Last fall I bought a pair of Steve Madden pointed toe high heel boots. They weren't the highest of heels but they suited me just fine. By the end of the winter, the boots in question were destroyed...there were patches of leather missing and  the pins were coming through the heel. Needless to say they needed to be replaced.

So I put off until this fall, when I decided to venture online and find a cute yet cheap pair of boots. I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg because,  like most of time, I was broke. I don't even remember what  website I bought my current ones, but I found a really adorable pair for roughly $50. The designer is Michael Antonio. I knew I had heard the designer before, so I purchased them.

When I received the pair of boots I soon remembered where I heard the designer from. When I saw the shoe box I immediately knew  that Michael Antonio was one of the many designers that were sold at Charlotte Russe. I was pretty disappointed because I spent $50 on a pair of boots that were cute yet I knew I could've found something similar at the store for roughly $30 with the same results. And can you guess what results I'm referring to? 

It is midway into the winter season and the pins are already coming through the heels of these boots. I'm not surprised, just disappointed that my taste in black high heeled boots tend to be on the cheaper side. Although, I'm sure it doesn't help the fact that whatever pair of black boots I have, they get worked all through the cold seasons, so maybe it makes sense that they can't quite last to see another fall.

Maybe I'll put some extra cash away this spring/summer in order to invest into some pricier boots. Save cash? Yea...we'll see.

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