Monday, October 20, 2008

Clothes can't say "I love you"..but..

Clothes can't say "I love you"...but...

They can hug all the right places.
If you choose the right ones..they always flatter you and
compliment you.
They are always exciting
and if you do get bored with them, they don't mind if you switch them around.
They boost your confidence.
They keep you warm.
No matter how long you've had them, they'll always stay around until YOU decide to throw them away..and they don't hold it against you.
If you love them, they'll last forever.
They keep you safe.
They make you feel sexy.
They don't use YOU, YOU use them...and they prefer it that way.
They don't talk back!
They don't mind if you alter them..just a little...

So...clothes can't say "I love you"..but..
that also means they can't say "goodbye".

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