Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bathing Suit Blues

I'm so cold right now.

It is the end of March (almost)and there seems to be no sign of warm weather in sight. Granted, we have not seen snow for a while (thankfully) but come on! At least make it warm enough so I don't have to carry or wear such heavy coats. I want to be able to wear a light jacket or cardigan with open toe shoes (I love boots and all, but I'm ready for change!).

However, I am not ready for bathing suit season. Now, I'm not particularly fat or anything, just sorta on the curvy side. But I just hate trying to find a flattering bathing suit. Honestly, my chest is just too big!

My lower body is thin enough to demand a bikini, but my chest screams "tankini"! I'm sorry, but I am a girl who has yet to shy away from bikinis because I am stubborn and also just refuse to give up hope! I tend to buy those thicker strapped halter bikini tops, but at the end of the day my boobs are still spilling out, I have thick tan lines, and my neck is killing me from having to support those heavy girls!

Every time I look at photos of previous summers, all I see is mondo cleavage. I am sure it's just because I'm self conscious and I'm sure that most people (well...most WOMEN) probably don't give me a second look, but is it too much to ask for me to want to feel good in my bathing suit?

I know I probably sound shallow and I also know that my body could definitely be worss, but I just wanted to address this issue that I'm sure at least 90% of women (I just made up that percentage) have.

No one looks forward to swim suit season unless you're a supermodel or just don't care (but if you say you don't, you're lying!).

Hopefully, with a visit to the gym a few times of week and maybe even venturing to a few kickboxing classes, I may have more success with this painful (emotionally and sometimes physically) task.

Oh summer..we have such a love/hate relationship.

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